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Celebrate Passover with Chabad

Yes! I want to support Jewish Bama in honor of Passover


​Preparations are in full swing for Passover! Jewish Bama is offering Passover Seder and Kosher for passover meal plans.

Chabad is calling on supporters to be as generous as they can be to assure the students’ needs are met, in honor of Passover.

Many students are in need Passover meals, Seders, and more. Some Students are facing extended time away, isolated from their campus and community, and we need more resources and are required to connect individually and to make sure that the students have what they need for Passover.

One thing is certain; students will be looking for meaning, satisfaction, and direction. Gifts to this urgent Passover Campaign will give powerful life lessons from the story of Passover and mitzvah of Matzah.

Please consider sponsoring: 
$3,600 - Co-sponsorship of one Seder
$1,800 - Sponsor a Seder for 50 Students 
$1,080 - Sponsor a Seder for 30 Students 
$540 - Sponsor a Seder for 15 Students 
$360 - Sponsor a Seder for 10 Students 
$180 - Sponsor one student for the entire Passover

Thank you for your support!

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Kosher Passover!

Rabbi Kussi and Rosie Lipskier 

Passover Partner List

Dov Chein

Asher Simpson

Yosef Okunov

Yaakov Golomb

Eli Chitrik

Meir Shemtov

Avrahom Sherr

Shmuel Hurwitz

Avi Minkowitz

Mendy Wilhelm

Eli Brafman

Aaron Katz

Shnai Levitin

Mendel Rogatsky

Dovid Rugatsky

Yosef Franklin

Yosef Friedfertig

Alter Deitsch

Eliyahu Kugel

Moshe Pershin

Zalmy Shpritzer

Eli Hecht

Yakov Sufrin

Yossi Goodman

Zalmy Brownstein

Micah Hodes

Henry Dreifus

Yossi Kievman

Rabbi Posner

Dovber And Lulu Koncepolski

Tzvi Chein

Marci Miller

Avi Mogilevsky

Mendel Raksin

Sruly Brownstein

Ephraim Kaufman

Israel Benchemhoun

Shalom Lerner

Eli Posner

Dovid Leib Halon

Moishe Scheinfeld

Moshe Hecht

Barry Komisar

Dovi Zaetz

Avremie Kievman

Eli Rugatsky

Yosef Eichenblatt

Schneur Simpson

Isaiah Loksen

Mendy Morris

Mendy Posner

Ely Rosenfeld

Scott And Diane Schoenbrun

Shneur Pershin

Nosson Lebovic

Red Mountain Garage Doors

Thank you to all of our partners!
Add your name to this list of amazing people making a difference!

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