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Chai Club

The Chai Club is a group of friends of Chabad at Bama who have committed to contributing at least $18 per month. This commitment enables us to focus on providing for the needs of the Jewish student population in Tuscaloosa.

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Challah Giver

$18 Monthly

This sponsors the Challah for one Shabbat per month.

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Inspiring Giver

$36 Monthly

This sponsors one Pizza Parsha or Cookies and Conversation per month


Wine Giver

$54 Monthly

This sponsors the wine for Kiddush at one Shabbat dinner.

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Social Giver

$72 Monthly

This sponsors one barbecue, falafel fest, or social event during a semester. 

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Sukkah Giver

$118 Monthly

This sponsors our annual Sukkah on campus. 

Photo Mar 20, 10 23 27 PM.jpg

Purim Giver

$180 Monthly

This sponsors our annual Purim party.

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Chanukah Giver

$360 Monthly

This sponsors our Chanukah activities on campus.


Passover Giver

$540 Monthly

This sponsors our Passover meals.


Shabbat Giver

$1,000 Monthly

This sponsors Shabbat for an entire semester.

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