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High Holiday Email

The University of Alabama requires students to notify their Professors to miss classes, due to Holiday Observance, without penalty, by the second week of classes!

Have your child copy, paste, edit & email the following to their professors.

Dear Professor,


My name is [Insert name] and I am a student in your class.


I will not be able to attend certain classes this semester due to religious observance. On these days I will not be allowed to do work, which makes attendance on these days or assignments submitted on these days not possible.

If I have assignments or exams on these days, I would like to reschedule them even if it means I must submit assignments and take exams earlier or later than the rest of the class.


If rescheduling will be for after the holidays, please keep in mind that, while I will be absent on those days, the prayer services and family celebrations limit how much time I can study, making a test or assignment due immediately following very difficult.


The Holidays, where I can’t be present in the classroom or do work, are on the following days:

• Rosh Hashanah: Friday, September 15 at sundown to Wednesday Sunday, September 17 at nightfall.

• Yom Kippur – Sunday, September 24 at sundown to Monday, September 25 at nightfall.

• Sukkot: Friday, September 29 at sundown to Sunday, October 1 at nightfall.

• Shmini Atzeret, Friday, October 6 at sundown– Sunday, October 8 at nightfall.


If you have any questions regarding these observances, please feel free to contact Rabbi Kussi Lipskier, Rabbi at the University of Alabama, at

Thank you for your assistance.

-[Insert name]

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