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Celebrate High Holidays with Chabad

Yes! I want to support Jewish Bama in honor of the High Holidays

Dear Friend,

​Preparations are in full swing for the High Holidays. Many students will not be able to travel home to join their family for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Sukkot, so here at Chabad, we are working tirelessly to provide a family style celebration for hundreds of students with that home-cooked brisket, Kugels and more.

We will also be providing hot-meals for students throughout the entire High Holiday Season! Our High Holiday budget is $30,500.00. All our funds are raised from generous parents, friends and alumni who appreciate the work we are doing here at Bama for the continuity of Jewish life. Please open you hearts and make your tax-deductible donation so that every Jewish student will have a home to celebrate throughout the High Holiday Season.

Please consider sponsoring:
$5,000 - Sponsorship of one Rosh Hashanah Dinner
$3,600 - Yom Kippur Sponsor
$2,500 - Co-sponsorship of one Rosh Hashanah Dinner
$1,800 - Sponsor 50 Students for Rosh Hashanah Dinner
$1,080 - Sponsor 30 students at both Dinners
$540 - Sponsor 15 of students
$360 - Sponsor two students for the entire High Holiday Season
$180 - Sponsor one student for the entire High Holiday Season

Wishing you a Happy and Sweet New Year!
Rabbi Kussi and Rosie Lipskier

High Holidays Partner List

Lorraine Madway

Eric and Dianne Estroff

Karen and Ray Leicht 

Moshe Lifshitz

Leah and Mendel Spielman

Benny and Chayale Katz

Marci and Stephen Miller

Ari Marinovsky

Simonie Levy

Shalom Lerner

Gary and Sharon Sigal

Allyson and Gary Walton

Valerie Thompson

Yaacov Lipskier

Sholom Dalfin

Kris Edelheit

Avremie Kievman

Yudi and Rosie Gurevitch

Sam and Malissa Touchstone

Dovber and Lulu Koncepolski

Jody Davidson

Sholom Simon

Matthew Goldberg

Rhea Oremland

Andy Hodes


Hendel Futerfas

Shmuli Hurwitz

Leizer Gajer

Avi Shnidman

Ari Herzog

Simon Botton

Aaron Katz

Moshe Minsky

Howard Eisenberg

Ari Mochkin

Mendy and Hindy Hecht

Dovid and Baila Kievman

Ephraim and Zisi Kaufman

Getzy Goldstein

Sruly Lipskier

Yossi Goodman

Avi Mogilevsky

David Bessaleli

Michelle Barskiy

Mendy Minsky

Robert Curtis

Maurine and Jacob Halpern

Jay Ceitlin

Catharine Rosenfeld

Kristina and Avi Nelson

Dovid Margolin

Sholom Wircberg

Emily and Ron Freudenberger

Ehud and Jackie Kamin

Howard and Veronica Stern

Ronald Samuelson

Michelle Malkin and Robert Daniels

Shimon Shur

Lewis and Angela Heaster

Debbie and Sam Rosenthal

Sholom B Hecht

Yisrolik and Liba Kievman

Thank you to all of our partners!
Add your name to this list of amazing people making a difference!

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