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Hi! I'm Shelby Cohen from Fort Lee, New Jersey. I'm a Telecommunication and Film and Communication Studies double major with dreams of breaking into the broadcasting industry after college. On campus I've interned for WVUA 23 and will be interning with WVUA-FM this semester. I'm looking forward to getting further involved with the Chabad community and I'm so excited to see what this year has in store!

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Shelby Cohen

My name is Anna Godes and I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a junior majoring in advertising and minoring in sociology. After graduation I am looking forward to working at an advertising firm as a content director. I am also a member of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau. I've been to Israel twice and I'm really excited to get more involved with Chabad this year! 

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Anna Godes

My name is Jake Wachs and I'm a Junior Computer Science major from Annapolis, Maryland. I'm a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and I'm also the President of Crimson Defense, the Cyber security club at Alabama. I'm hoping to help defend the country's Cyber infrastructure after graduation, and I look forward to hopefully going on birthright in the next year. 

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Jake Wachs

My name is Emma Sowry and I'm from San Antonio, Texas! My major is creative media with a minor in general business. I plan to be a casting director in film after graduation with my degree! I love Israeli culture and the lifestyle, and I hope to go on birthright soon. I have a little brother and two loving parents, and I'm in the Alpha Phi sorority. Also, you will always find me backing food for my friends! 

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Emma Sowry

My name is Emily Jerris and I live in Carmel, Indiana. I am a senior majoring in Physical Education. After I graduate I hope to work at an elementary school teaching PE. I have been to Israel twice and I hope to go back again some day. I am also excited to be able to intern with the Alabama Wheelchair Tennis team this semester. I am looking forward to this semester and becoming more involved in Chabad. 

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Emily Jerris

Hi! My name is Madison Joyce and I am currently a Junior studying Archaeology and Art History. The plan is to some day work for the Israeli government uncovering our ancestor’s past. This will hopefully keep our traditions alive and possibly find new ones. 

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Madison Joyce

My name is Roey Rozen and I'm a  Sophomore at the University of Alabama. I'm majoring in Philosophy, and aspiring to go to law school here at UA. I was born in Tel-Aviv Israel, and I'm a huge Liverpool soccer fan. Come find me on campus and at Shabbat dinners on Friday night. I'm also single! ;)

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Roey Rozen

Hi! I’m Autumn Asen and am a Junior from Boca Raton, FL. I’m a public health major on the pre med track, and my goal is to pursue the field of anesthesiology. In my free time you will most likely find me with my dog, Panda. I am looking forward to this semester and am excited to become more involved with Chabad!

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Autumn Asen

Each of us can serve as a leader. And one leader creates another and another, ad infinitum, just as one candle’s flame lights another and another until the once-impenetrable darkness has turned to brilliant light.


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